Jag erkänner. Jag tycker det är rätt skoj när journalister spetsar till språket lite, ger texten lite ”giftighet”. Gerald Warner, författare kolumnist mm, är uppenbarligen rätt förbannad, både på BBC och MetOffice. Man brukar ju säga ungefär att ”pennan är vassare  än svärdet”. Warner verkar använda pennan som ett svärd. Han fullständigt massakrerar BBC och MetOffice.

Warners tonläge och ordval avslöjar att han är minst sagt trött på ensidigheten och AGW-propagandaflosklerna i engelska mainmedia. Men det kunde lika gärna vara de svenska medierna han beskriver. Samma ensidighet och propagandabasunerande här som där.

När får vi en svensk Gerald Warner i tidningarna?

ur texten…… fetningarna har jag gjort.

……..”Fasten your seat-belt before you read this one. It’s a corker. It is a quote from Susan Watts, BBC Science Editor, on Newsnight, as she attempted to explain why the abysmal failure of climate “scientists” to predict current weather conditions does not in any way reduce their credibility in predicting global warming. Watts said: “In fact that seasonal forecast predicting a mild winter wasn’t actually wrong, but it left people with the wrong impression.”…….


och den här…

”……Aha! Another ploy calculated to appeal to the “sophisticates”. “If you knew the first thing about it, you would not make the basic mistake of confusing weather with climate…” Zzzz… Coming from a bunch of clowns who have confused heat with cold, drought with snow, and fact with fiction – that is rich. If you need some light relief in these grim conditions, turn to the Met Office website.”……


han fortsätter…..

……”There, under the heading “How our forecasts have improved”, you will read: “Through continual investment in research, supercomputing and observations, Met Office scientists have steadily improved the accuracy of our forecasts. All of the forecasts we produce are stored and their accuracy assessed, so that we can learn from what went wrong with inaccurate forecasts and make sure that they keep getting better.”

Not since Soviet reports, circa 1952, of record tractor production figures for the Ukraine have the claims of any government agency, anywhere on earth, displayed such detachment from reality.”……